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The month of March would have been surely a busy one with lots of assessments to be completed along with planning for the Bank Branch Audit, so do the branch had the busy month. 

In the month of March started with the Analysis of Union Budget 2016-17, further we had organized three seminars on Bank branch audit in all the three formats that is Full Day, Half day and Two hours, covering the topics on Audit in CBS environment, Audit Planning, LFAR, IRAC norms and lastly Agriculture advances. I’m sure all the seminars would help immensely in Bank Branch Audit Assignments.
March is also the proud month too for the Rajkot Branch, as we have been given three awards for our past performance, firstly for Highly Commendable Performance under large category for the year 2015-16, secondly Certificate of Appreciation for the Best Research Paper Presented and thirdly Highly Commendable Perfo......

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