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About The Branch

The Rajkot Branch came into existence in the year 1978. As of date, the membership strength is around 350 with majority in practice.

The Rajkot Branch caters to the needs of Chartered Accountants of more than ten centers of Saurashtra & Kutch by sending Newsletters & inviting them to participate in activities of the branch, increasing its span of service to more than 600 members.

It also caters to more than 1200 students pursuing Chartered Accountancy career. Rajkot city has examination centre at Smt. Meenaben Kundaliya English Medium Womens’ Commerce College. Students from all over Saurashtra & Kutch appear for examination at the center.

The Branch conducts various programmes of professional interest of the members & the students such as study circle meetings, conferences, seminars, teleconferences & career counselling programmes from time to time. The Branch also takes interest in overall development of its members by organising activities like Personality Development and Health Care Guidance.

The Branch in the year 2000 acquired full fledged premises having 1500 sq. feet air conditioned conference hall, 1700 sq. feet terrace, a library, students’ study area and fax & telephone. The Rajkot Branch also has teleconferencing facility enabling the members to effectively participate in various teleconferencing programmes organized by the Institute.

The Rajkot Branch has been awarded Best Branch award in the Western Region for the year 2000, Highly Commendable Performance award for 2001 & 2007, again Best Branch awards for the year 2002, 2003, 2004 and 2005 for four consecutive years by WIRC. In the year 2005 the Branch has been awarded “Highly Commendable Branch Award” at the National level for the first time.

The Branch committee regularly interacts with Government departments, Chamber of Commerce & Industries and other trade organizations and puts forward valuable suggestions for implementing various policies and procedures.

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